Top Blogs on Big Data and Analytics

Top Blogs on Big Data and Analytics

It is so natural for us to Google anything these days.  Whether it is an address, a prescribed medicine, or the benefits of spinach – you’ll find hits for them all on Google.  Not surprising that you will find just over a 150 million hits for “Big Data Analytics”.  But with such a huge availability of data, there’s always a chance that you might have missed out on a good read, an innovative angle, a surprising set of statistics, if you didn’t know the right sites to look for.

Here are some of the top blogs and sites dedicated to big data.  There are many more, but these are a must read – must follow!


    Here’s where you can get the best feeds from many interesting and innovative blogs.  Planet Big Data aggregates blogs about not just the big data phenomenon, but also various other facets of big data and analytics tools.  There are some interesting “big analytics” feeds from, articles from – a blog dedicated to R programming.  And if you’re looking beyond California, then should do the trick.  The feeds from this site focus on large-scale analytics applications.


    In its quest to build a smarter planet, IBM cashed in big on the big data opportunity.  One of the pioneers in the industry, IBM has indeed brought big data to the enterprise.  It’s almost impossible to try to condense the monumental work this IT giant has done in the analytics and cloud computing world.  Their blog – IBM Big Data Hub – is a great platform for its think tanks, subject matter experts and big data gurus to share their thoughts.  The Information Management social team that puts together the feeds of this blog are passionate about sharing casual and formal conversations about data, and making available to the curious mind strategies and discussions that will draw you further into the world of analytics.  Of course, this is at the risk of reading content that might be tailor-made to suit IBM’s requirements.  But definitely worth a read!


    If there is anything you could call “revolutionary” in the business world, you can be sure to find something written up about it on TechRepublic.  The big data blog on TechRepublic offers a wide range of articles with varied perspectives on analytics tools and technologies, as well as helpful guidance with their implementation and management.  What makes TechRepublic feature as part of this list?  The fact that its site ties together the write-ups on so many other facets of management – such as HR, Retail, Security and Networking – with the analytics angle.


    LinkedIn is a very popular professional social network.  But the fact that LinkedIn Groups are also hot and happening, is something we tend to overlook.  You have to be a member on LInkedIn to participate in these very informative, sometimes heated discussions.  There are at least a thousand groups that are focused on big data, analytics and related topics.  Some of the most active groups are:  Big Data / Analytics / Strategy / FP&A / S&OP / Strategic, Big Data and Analytics and Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, MIS Reporting & Database Group.  With over sixty thousand followers for each group, and hundreds of daily discussions on hot topics, this site will give you a completely different perspective to popular, recurrent themes.  It won’t be too long before you learn to wade through a sea of exchanges, links and threads, and fish out the ideas and opinions (and job opportunities) that count!

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